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News about the Scout troop

To infinity and beyond………

On Friday evening the Wolves patrol enjoyed building and launching water rockets on the common. The object of the exercise was to build a water rocket and launch platform to launch a rocket the furthest distance. Wolves managed to get a water rocket/missile 76 metres across the cricket pitch.

This exercise involves science, pioneering (lashing poles together) and a great deal of getting wet. A water rocket dumps a litre of water in about 1.5 seconds and as the Scouts discovered, if you are stood behind it, you cop the lot.

The Scouts tweaked various parameters like angle of trajectory and water volume until they found the record breaking combination.

As a leader I simply love these summer evenings on the common. The excitement and enthusiasm of the young people is really infectious.



World Scout Jamboree 2015


A few weeks ago I attended a selection weekend for applicants who wanted a role as a unit leader taking the Surrey contingent to the World Scout Jamboree. There where 20 applicants and 20 observers. The observers where there to select just 8 of us to run the 2 units. The weekend consisted of constant observation as we completed a selection of team tasks and games. Even our cooking (Japanese of course) was observed. It was a gruelling time but I learnt much and it has lifted my enthusiasm for scouting.

I am pleased to tell you that I was selected as one of the unit members. As you can imagine, I am very excited but at the same time nervous. This is a massive undertaking, really a two year project including preparation, fund raising, promoting, attending and post camp activities. It’s a lot, but I feel ready for the challenge. It helps me greatly to know that I will be supported by the County, District and most importantly 1st Wonersh.

The WSJ takes place in July/August 2015 in Japan. There will be 30,000 Scouts and Guides from all over the world (150 countries) participating in a fantastic programme which includes a visit to Hiroshima.

If you would like to go, you must be born after 29 July 1997 and not before 28th July 2001 (14 – 18 in 2015). The district has just 7 places so don’t delay. The district should be able to help with funding and the unit will be doing a lot of fund raising but at the moment is not possible to be precise with figures.

More details will be handed out to the Scout and Explorer sections shortly.



A Bridge Too Far

On Friday the 3rd of May the Scouts headed up to Blackheath to build a bridge over a large drainage ditch. The bridge is to be a part of the Blackheath Fair on the Bank Holiday Monday. The public would be using the bridge to cross from the road to the music area with burger stall, beer tent, music tent and May pole. The Scouts built the bridge from various sized pioneering poles lashed together with knots many had only learnt the week before.

It’s always fun to build bridges but the fact that the public would see it and in fact use it added a special buzz. The Scouts rose to the challenge and as you can see built a fine bridge.



Scout Programme – Autumn 2012

Here is the new Autumn 2012 programme.

Ken, Tim and I hope you like it.

- Eric