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Beavers to the Rescue!

2013-11-25 17.51.49
Beavers enjoyed a great evening at Cranleigh Fire Station tonight. Starting with an overview of the service they then had a tour of the fire engine and all the equipment where they asked lots of excellent questions. To finish the evening off all the Beavers were trained on using the powerful hoses and seeing how many floors up the building they can reach. Sadly some just preferred to get us all wet! Thank you to everyone at the fire station for your time and enthusiasm.
2013-11-25 17.16.40

Beaver outing

2013-11-11 17.14.30

Wonersh beavers, leaders and parents enjoyed a trip to St John’s Seminary this term. Here they are pictured in the ornate chapel, but they also visited many other areas including the refectory and the library. The beavers found the largest and oldest book in the library! They learnt all about a ‘day in the life’ of a seminary student and also of course squeezed in a couple of games too! Thank you St John’s for making us so welcome and well on Beavers on working towards your faith badge, for listening so well and asking lots of questions.

Surrey Hills explorers helping in the community

Surrey Hills explorers helping in the community! ! Dragging and burning and generally having a good time


Surrey Hills explorers enjoying a ice hockey game at the Spectrum.


This photo will also be used on the Eagle Radio website.

Remembrance Service


Thank you so much to parents for our virtually 100% attendance today. It is not only encouraging to the leaders and community, but a great chance for all the ages to get together. Thank you too to Debbie Sellin for balancing a respectful service with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.
Please be aware too that Ken, Assistant Scout Leader at Wonersh represented us at the memorial in Bramley and laid a wreath on our behalf.

Matthew prepares to travel to Japan…

2013-10-13 11.59.01    20130524-094735.jpg

Congratulations to Matthew, Patrol Leader 1st Wonersh Scouts, on being awarded one of the 7 places to represent Surrey at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan. Although the event is in 2015 Matthew will be busy planning, organising and attending awareness and fundraising events.

Matthew has undertaken a long selection process and an intense final assessment where he had to show enthusiasm, teamwork, scouting skills and leadership qualities. Matthews first comments when congratulated was to praise his fellow patrol leader Harry who also made it through to final assessment and performed well but just missed out on one of the places.

Matthew is pictured above with Scout Leader Eric who has been awarded a leader place at the Jamboree and has been already busy attending planning events. We look forward to hearing more from them over the coming months and are proud of Eric, Matthew and Harry for showing Surrey the excellent scouting and values we have here at Wonersh.